Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back in the (bike) saddle again

Since we put so much work into installing the bike rack on my car yesterday, we were determined to use it again today.  We had a quick lunch with dessert before the ride.
His and Hers lunches.  Usually Justin likes to eat the same things as me, but not when I eat tofu.  My lunch was BBQ baked tofu with barley, steamed sweet potatoes and peas (I just cubed, floured, and sauced the tofu then baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes while the barley cooked and veggies steamed).  Justin's lunch was whole wheat pasta shells with marinara, chicken breast, and steamed broccoli.

After lunch, Justin wrote a few work emails while I baked scones for dessert.  I made these for the first time a few weeks ago, and ever since then, Justin has been powering through them and requesting more on a regular basis.  Thanks to Elise for dreaming up such a delicious recipe!  Find it here.

I made one minor change to the recipe because Justin was craving cherries.  He developed a cherry addiction while studying for the BAR exam this past summer, and he's been hooked on them ever since.  I think it's perfectly healthy as far as addictions go, so I support it, and I subbed in cherries for blueberries.

The starting line-up:
The mix:
The finished product:
These are SO GOOD.  The coconut flour and coconut oil make your kitchen smell amazing while they are baking.

We took some for the road, and once again drove the bikes west of the 405 freeway, hopped on them at 22nd Street, and pedaled down San Vicente to Ocean, then down to the Santa Monica Pier and on to Venice.  

We walked our bikes around the canals for awhile, too.
And watched pelicans stuff fish down their bills.
And then we said goodbye to the ocean/canals and hello to the grocery store/dinner.

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