Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keeping up with the Groupons

Justin has a tendency to buy Groupons and let them expire before we can use them. Tonight we went to Stefans at LA Farm and managed to use an expired Groupon after we Justin finished watching the State of the Union.  Obviously, Justin started with the slider duo.  I started with tuna tartare.
The tuna tower was delicious (as was the sauce on the side- I wish they'd given me more of it!), and it came with these airy crisps.
We both agreed they tasted like a lighter, more gourmet version of baked Pringles.  I don't think I've eaten Pringles since high school days, so the flavor of these crisps brought back memories.  I wish all restaurants served these with tuna tartar.  I'm not a fan of the deep-fried wontons that usually come with this appetizer, so I give props to Stefans for doing a lighter take on those.

My main course was halibut with pancetta, edamame, tiny potato rounds, and mushrooms much fancier than the ones I use in our omelettes at home.    
The halibut was cooked perfectly: it was nice and flaky without being dry.  I only wish it came with more edamame and mushrooms (but I always leave restaurants wishing they'd added more veggies to my plate).

Justin chose the beef filet (I think the fact that it came with truffle mashed potatoes was what sold him).  At first glance, I thought there were french fries on the potatoes, and it seemed odd that they'd give him a double-dose of potatoes on potatoes. However, it turned out that what we thought were french fries were actually roasted parsnips.  The parsnips were so good that I found my fork meandering over to Justin's plate after I'd finished my entree. I polished off his parsnips and then had a few bites of filet (since my fork was already over there).
I am glad we finally visited Stefans at LA Farm!  If I go back, I'll ask the waiter for a plate of the roasted parsnips with my halibut :)

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