Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pineapple stir fry

For some reason I'm loving chicken with fruit this week. Earlier in the week I cooked chicken breast with apples, and tonight I went for pineapples.
This is kind of like a light version of sweet and sour chicken.

Pineapple-Pepper Stir Fry Ingredients (2 servings):
-1 large thin-sliced chicken breast
-1 clove of garlic, minced
-1 green bell pepper
-1 red bell pepper
-1 can pineapple chunks in juice
-1 cup cooked pearled barley (or white rice if you prefer)
-2 tsp cornstarch (mixed well with 2 tbsp water)
-2 tbsp rice vinegar
-2 tsp brown sugar
Start by chopping your peppers and garlic and throwing them in a sautee pan. You can also grill up the chicken breast with some salt & pepper in a separate pan while you're getting the peppers tender (my chicken's like the Where's Waldo in the back of the above photo).  I like to make oil-less stir fry, so I nixed the oil and just kept stirring the peppers on medium heat so they didn't burn (you need the oil if you don't want to stand over the pan and keep stirring).  I added 1 tbsp of rice vinegar while stirring.
When the peppers started to become tender, I added the pineapple chunks with all the juice (the juice reduces and sweetens the peppers). I added the other tbsp of rice vinegar and the brown sugar to reduce with the pineapple juices.  Then I shredded the grilled chicken in the pan.
Next I added the cornstarch mixed with water and stirred it up in the pan.
And after a few more minutes of stirring on medium heat, it was ready to serve! I'd cooked up some barley to add some fiber to the meal and make it more filling (you might prefer to use white rice, I just happen to love the texture and staying-power of barley).  I also served some steamed broccoli on the side to make it a double-vegetable kind of meal.  
And I had a personal-sized glass of pinot grigio from this wine stack that Justin gave me.
Love the "zipper" on the side where you break the cups loose!

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