Monday, February 11, 2013

Roomie reunion, Falafel, Bachelor

It's Monday night, the Bachelor narrowed it down to 4 women, and 4 former roommates reunited at the Beverly Elegant for a Mediterranean feast!
Justin and I used to live with April and Nick, and we've missed our dinners with them!  Good thing the Bachelor brought us together tonight.  
I managed to put together a mini buffet pretty quickly after getting home from work, thanks to Casbah.
This stuff makes it so easy to make falafel!  It's from Whole Foods so I'm banking on the fact that it must be wholesome... yet all I needed to do was add water.  Let it gel for 10 minutes, then put falafel balls on a baking sheet (since I bake instead of frying).
8 minutes at 375 degrees, flip, 8 more minutes on the other side, and delicious falafel is ready to serve.
Put it together with some tomato, feta, veggies, tahini, tzatziki, lettuce, pita and hummus (I made hummus from scratch tonight... recipe to come).  Add some chicken if you don't want to go meatless... 

Get in my pita!

And you've got enough food to keep your stomach satisfied through 2 hours of Bachelor viewing!  

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