Friday, February 22, 2013

Trader Vic's

We took a little trip to the islands tonight! (OK we actually ate in the Trader Vic's lounge at LA Live amidst a ton of Lakers fans, but it was a darn good dinner).
When dining at Trader Vic's, I like to eat in the bar/lounge area as opposed to the main dining room. The bar has a different menu and I actually prefer their apps and entrees. You get more food for your buck in the bar, and you're able to watch basketball on days like today.  The best perk of the main dining room is the special peanut butter they serve with the bread basket (the bread in the basket is also pretty good in and of itself). The miso sea bass is my favorite main over there.  But since we were eating in the bar, we went with beef cho cho, edamame hummus sushi, and veggie burgers.
The sushi came out first. We were debating between the hummus platter app and the california rolls when we noticed that Trader Vic's veggie rolls included edamame hummus.. problem solved!  They also had asparagus, avocado, and ginger, and they were very satisfying. Glad we tried something new since we'd ordered the hummus platter on a previous visit (for the record, that platter is also very good).
Beef cho cho was next up. I hadn't ordered this before and I'm so glad we went for it tonight. We got our own hibachi with it!  I love it when I get to have at least a small hand in preparing my food when dining out. Trader Vic's serves your beef skewers cooked on the exterior but rare in the middle, so you can use your personal little hibachi to cook up the inside to your liking. They light the flame in front of you and it's good fun!  The beef doesn't disappoint either- very flavorful, marinated in sweet juices, and glazed with a delicious teriyaki-sort of sauce.
Last but not least was the veggie burgers. I wouldn't say it's my favorite veggie burger of all (I'm quite the connoisseur of veggie patties, so I'm a tough critic), but this is still good by my standards. I dislike veggie burgers that don't have visible veggie chunks in them (I eat meat, so I don't order veggie because I want something that fakes meat well- I order veggie because I want vegetables!). As you can see below, this passed my "visible veggie test". 
It was also spiced/salted well, and it came with grilled onions (which is always an instant plus in my book). Thanks, Trader Vic's.

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