Monday, February 25, 2013

Vanilla bakeshop

 Yesterday I had the pleasure of tasting 5 varieties of cake at Vanilla bakeshop!
I was tempted to go after those cookie jars on the counter before the cake samples came, but I'm glad I resisted because there was a lot of cake to be eaten.
The 5 flavors I tried were fleur de sel, raspberry black & white, lemon vanilla berry, triple berry cream, and dulce de leche.
 The fleur de sel "takes the cake" for most unique.  Look at all that caramel ooze!
But my favorite was the lemon vanilla berry. I like it when frosting has a good amount of sweetness to balance out the rich buttercream flavor, and I thought the frosting on this cake had perfect balance. The lemon portion of the frosting also had some zest blended in which gave the cake a great dose of citrus. And I love that it had berries on top so I felt like I was getting something healthy in there.  The cake itself was perfect- light and fluffy with mouth watering vanilla bean taste.  Now I know why they call it Vanilla Bakeshop.


  1. Oooh, I love Vanilla Bakeshop - they did our wedding cake, and it turned out so pretty. We did vanilla layers and fleur de sel layers, yum!!

    1. Great minds think alike- we're doing the same thing!!