Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good morning, Mickey!

This is how Justin and I begin almost every weekend morning. My mom bought me a Mickey waffle maker from a Tuesday Morning store when I moved into my first post-college apartment in 2006, and I wish I could tell you how many waffles have been served from this thing, because the number's gotta be approaching 4 digits.  Justin and I are both Disney nerds and these waffles make us happy.  (Justin loves them so much, he even makes them every weekday morning before going to work. I have to be at my office earlier than he does, so I take breakfast to go during the week).  Anyway, here's what the waffle looks like:
I served the waffle with an egg white omelet (it's still yellow despite having no yolks because I use Nulaid liquid eggs from Trader Joe's).  The omelet is filled with sauteed mushrooms and a little bit of broccoli and cheddar for Justin (no cheddar for me).  We used waffle mix from Williams Sonoma (you really can't go wrong with any of their waffle/pancake mixes). To save us from some unnecessary calories, all I do is add water to the mix.  It's really all you need. If you want a more filling waffle, you can follow the instructions and add oil/milk/egg.  We wanted to keep it light this morning because we went on a run shortly after eating breakfast and didn't want do feel weighed down during the run.  I added a few chopped up blackberries to the batter, and I topped it with Justin's favorite syrup from Cheri's desert harvest (to add some sweetness and make it pink!)
As you can see, we're almost out.  We order it at on a regular basis. It has a pretty clean list of ingredients (prickly pear cactus, cane sugar, lemon and pectin), and it's so good!

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