Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bao & Blue Cow

The Century City mall's food court is really too good to be called a food court. My favorite spot within it is Take a Bao.
It has endless options. There's a list of 9 proteins to choose from (ranging from red meat to chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options). You can then put the proteins in wheat bao rolls, white bao, a combination of the 2, as a salad over lettuce, over brown rice, over white rice, over noodles, as soup, etc...
I like their grilled tofu over salad.
Because their salad is so much more than just lettuce!  Steamed broccoli, pickled onions, daikon and carrots, pickled cucumber, marinated shiitake mushrooms...
I'm not sure what they use to marinate these mushrooms, but whatever it is, it makes them taste delicious.
I usually order the salad with dressing on the side so I can mix it in a variety of sauces. Bao's sweet chili sauce is my favorite, so my grilled tofu got a healthy amount of that. It also got some sweet soy dressing and spicy siracha.
Justin went with a combo of white and wheat bao stuffed with sesame chicken (since he detests tofu).
Flashback to last night... we went to Blue Cow kitchen and bar. It's by the same team of culinary wizards that's behind Mendocino Farms.
So the menu is very seasonal and fresh.
We got the kale salad which included a little bit of parmesan, spiced nuts, and apples. All covered in a very vinegar-y sauce that both Justin and I loved. Lately Justin is always amenable to ordering kale at restaurants because we find that most places we frequent serve it with lots of vinegar (and he would drink vinegar by the bottle given permission).
For my entree, I got the cauliflower curry with naan. The naan was probably very fattening, but it was so worth it. And the curry was so spicy in such a good way. It had "Indonesian spices". I'm not sure what that means, but it tasted great. What made it really interesting was the fact that they served it with pickled vegetables. Healthy dose of vinegar with the spicy curry= amazing. Bravo, Blue Cow.
For dessert I made these fudgey and shockingly healthy brownies. Justin won't eat them due to the ingredient list, but that's fine because it means more for me!

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