Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Basil gnocchi

I made the easiest 3-minute dinner last night. (I didn't leave out a 0; it's a 3-minute meal). I also had special guests in the kitchen!
They like food, too! But they didn't get any basil gnocchi, much to their dismay.
I always buy gnocchi when I'm at Cost Plus. It's vacuum packed so it lasts a long time in the pantry, and it's great to have on hand for quick meals. And if you look carefully at the package, you'll see that it cooks in 2-3 minutes.
Just throw it in boiling water until the gnocchi rise to the top of the water. So easy! I also cooked some protein to go with the pasta. In the pan next door, you see my chicken browning up. (Full disclosure: browning the chicken might have taken just a tad longer than 3 minutes. Cook time would have been 3 minutes flat if I'd grilled a batch of chicken breasts earlier).
Drained the gnocchi.
Poured gnocchi back in its waterless (but still hot) bowl and added some basil marinara sauce.
Plated with greens and heirloom balsamic. And topped gnocchi with some fresh basil (can you tell I love basil?)
In other news, I got an exciting box in the mail yesterday! A friend gifted us a membership to Harry & David's "Fruit of the Month Club". We get a box of very fresh fruit each month, and the type of fruit is always a surprise. This month was grapefruit!
It came with instructions for broiling grapefruit with brown sugar. I've always wanted to try the whole grapefruit broiling thing. This might be a good occasion to do so.
It also came with a recipe for avocado grapefruit salad, which I wouldn't make since I don't like avocado (yes, I know I'm weird). But I'm sure this salad is great if you like avocado. As for me, I enjoyed the grapefruit plain and simple for dessert. It was so juicy and surprisingly sweet as far as grapefruit goes.

And I called it a night. As did the special guests.


  1. Oh my goodness, PUPPIES! They're so cute!! Do they love you both equally, or is one "Justin's" and one yours?

    That gnocchi looks delicious. Is it bad for you, calorie-wise, or is it just similar to pasta?

    1. Yes! These pups aren't very discerning in terms of who they love; they'll cuddle with anyone. Wish we could keep them! The gnocchi isn't bad it all calorie-wise. It maybe has 1g of fat and about 200 calories/serving, similar to regular pasta. The only thing is that it doesn't have much fiber (but the marinara and greens help with that). World Market also carries sweet potato and pumpkin gnocchi which are equally good! And the pumpkin kind has even lower calories and more fiber!