Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Paddy's/Marathon day!

To make myself feel better about not running the LA marathon today, I'm reflecting on marathons past! (There's no particular reason for the decision to not run; just giving my body a break from heavy mileage and saving $- the reg fees are insane these days!)
Me, dad, Justin in Santa Monica after last year's LA marathon. Justin & I set personal records at 4:06, and dad did it months after finishing chemo- 'nuff said!
Dad running the 1979 LA marathon (gotta love those shorts).
Me running up Santa Monica Blvd in the 2010 LA Marathon.
Celebrating the 2010 marathon finish near the Santa Monica pier with mom. There's something about running towards the ocean to finish that makes the last few miles much more tolerable. 2010 marked the first year of the new LA marathon course which starts in east LA at Dodger Stadium and ends at the beach. Such an improvement to the old course.
Running through the mid-wilshire area in the 2009 LA Marathon. I don't miss the old course. Mid-wilshire was the closest we got to LA's westside (hence I was the happiest during this portion of the race). The majority of the race was through downtown/east LA, which isn't exactly the most scenic part of the city. This course also started and ended in the same place (downtown near the US Bank building), which made it less satisfying than the new stadium-to-sea course.
OK enough reminiscing and feeling lame about not running this year. I got my green on and walked over to the race sidelines to cheer on this year's runners!
Starting with the elite pack.
These guys run a mile in 1/2 the time I do. Pretty incredible.
Then I made green mickey waffles in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

I followed my usual waffle recipe, but used white flour instead of wheat, left out the cinnamon/nutmeg, and added a touch of green food coloring to make Mickey festive. And now it's back to the race sidelines to cheer on marathon friends who don't run 5-minute miles, but are just as amazing as the elites in my mind.

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