Sunday, March 10, 2013

'Mo veggie burgers

If you read my posts regularly, you might be sensing a theme by now... I eat a lot of veggie burgers. Many of the ones I eat go unphotographed just because I don't want to bore you. But seriously, I could eat veggie burgers for every meal and be perfectly happy. What I love about ordering them out is that every restaurant does them differently, assuming they don't use gardenburger patties. I usually check to make sure restaurants don't use pre-made/frozen gardenburger patties before I order, because I hate paying restaurant dollars to get something I can buy in bulk at Costco. Additionally, gardenburger patties are too small for my appetite.  One of my favorite veggie burgers in LA is at Mo's!  This photo doesn't even do it much justice (Mo's has major mood lighting in the evenings so I my little iphone didn't have much light to work with).
It's ironic that I ended up at Mo's for dinner this weekend; I'm usually there for weekday lunches since it's near my office. But I happened to be in the area (and craving a veggie burger!) this evening.  Mo's burger has a hearty combo of white beans, lentils, mushrooms, and rice. I also sensed some carrots in there.  I always ask for a wheat bun and I love that I don't need to ask Mo's to not butter the bun. They toast it plain and simple, just the way I like it. I can't understand why so many restaurants think they need to smother their burger buns in butter or oil. Why ruin a perfectly good bun with unnecessary fat?

Another wonderful thing about Mo's is their coleslaw.
This may sound crazy because I generally despise mayo, but I could eat this coleslaw by the plateful! What makes it so good? They thin out the mayo with apple cider vinaigrette and sprinkle in some poppy seeds. It tastes more like vinaigrette than mayo, and it's delish. Mo's used to offer unlimited side salads with any burger or sandwich order, but guests must have been abusing the system (I'll admit guilt on this account). We're talking about a selection of about 8 different salads at any given time: coleslaw, edamame bulgur, veggie couscous, broccoli waldorf, black bean & pepper jicama, curry lentil, rosemary potato, wheatberry, all with fresh herbs and light dressings! I've put myself in many a food coma coming out of this place mid-workday.  I can't do that anymore, because now Mo's has you select 2 side salads, they bring out a scoop of each with your burger (as you can see in my photo above), and that's your limit. No over-doing it!  Tonight I chose the coleslaw and edamame bulgur (which had a tasty peanutty dressing as well as some chopped up carrots and cashews).  You also have the option of fries instead of the side salads, but you'd be missing out.

In other food news this weekend, I got sushi Saturday night! (I consider it breaking news any time I get sushi for many reasons: Justin dislikes it, I don't like paying through the nose for something that tastes delicious but leaves me hungry in an hour, and I haven't made the effort to procure tools needed to make it at home).  For all of these reasons, I choose to simply savor sushi when I get it at parties and work functions! That's good enough for me. Sushi chefs actually prepared these crispy tuna delicacies on the spot at a friend's birthday party.
There was also tuna tartare. And so much more that went unphotographed because I was too busy savoring every bite. 
And finally, in other news, I found the frozen fruit section at Costco this weekend. Thanks to my new cherry chia smoothie addiction, and Justin's cherry coconut scone addiction, I was going through my little bags of frozen cherries way too fast. This 4-pounder should last at least 2 weeks. I hope!


  1. Aw, I'm sad Mo's did away with the salad bar. We haven't been there in a long time, but I loved their potato salad - although it's probably good that now, if I order it, it's a controlled portion. Wonder if I could make my own coleslaw w/cabbage and apple cider vinegar... hmm!

    You mentioned Costco - Ben and I went this weekend, and they were giving out samples of this amazing Mediterranean flatbread!! If you go there, you have to try it - almost like pizzas, but not all of the varieties have cheese, and a whole focaccia bread is only like 220 calories, and no weird ingredients. I was hooked - bought some immediately, and you just pop them in the toaster oven to reheat. YUM. Thought that might interest you! The bakery is called Kermanig, and I guess they do trade shows around various Costcos, but they are based in Glendale :)

    1. The flatbread sounds good- I'm looking for it next time! We delayed the Costco trip too long on Saturday and got there close to 5pm, just as the sample carts were closing up.. fail!