Saturday, March 2, 2013

Olive & Thyme

Last night I had dinner at Olive & Thyme in Toluca Lake. I've been here for work lunches several times, but this was my first dinner visit. I learned that it's a great happy hour spot! They have a good wine selection and a shabby-chic kind of wine bar (which is a coffee bar during the day) to the side of the restaurant/deli counter. During the day, I love that I can get Intelligentsia coffee here, and I now love that I can get good wines here in the evening and hang out in a pleasant spot while drinking them (not your typical dark, loud bar).
I also learned that O&T has special dinner selections on the food menu (last night was burger night so they had a variety of burgers from turkey-meditteranean to beef-hawaiian), but I love their panini so much that I still went for their usual lunch food.  I also like getting sandwiches here because they have great sides to go with them (sometimes I even just get a bunch of sides for lunch)!  My two favorite sides (kale salad and farro-beet salad) were almost cleaned out when we arrived, so I got some of the last morsels.
My veggie panini (no aioli- I avoid mayo) with greens and O&T's special homemade pickles. The panini had marinated peppers, mushrooms, and carrots.  It wasn't the best veggie panini I've ever had, but I liked that the veggies were lightly marinated as opposed to being doused in oil like many other restaurants/delis serve them.
Up close and personal.
The obligatory farro-beet salad. It's very vinegar-y and I think it's my all time favorite menu item here.
And the kale salad (also with a healthy dose of vinegar). I prefer my kale in steamed or chip form, but as far as raw kale goes, this is pretty good!
Justin's short rib panini with carmelized onion and horseradish sauce!
O&T also has great desserts. The french macarons are my personal favorite.  Dining here made for a nice laid-back kinda Friday night. Perfect spot after a crazy week.


  1. Mmm! I've never been there for dinner. I had the roasted veggie panini once and loved it, but then I ordered it again, and it was all carrots, which I felt was weird. Carrot sandwich??? Ben's fav is the short rib sandwich!

    1. How funny! Yes I think last night was the first time I got carrots inside a panini- good sandwiched between other veggies but wouldn't want them alone in there!