Monday, March 25, 2013

Stir frying/cheating

This is like a cheat recipe. I make big batches of stir fry when I need an easy meal and some meals to-go thereafter.
It starts with the frozen stir fry vegetables from Costco. There are four things I wouldn't leave Costco without: frozen veggies, frozen berries, frozen organic chicken breasts, and almond milk.
I throw them in a pan on medium heat to defrost for a bit.
I add this sauce from Trader Joe's once the veggies have defrosted a bit, and I turn the heat up to high.
It bubbles and reduces.
To look like the above.
For protein, I usually cook up chicken for both me and Justin. Yesterday I had some tempeh I needed to use. I used this for me only (I couldn't get Justin to touch tempeh with a ten foot pole). Even though I eat meat, I also cook with vegetarian proteins. I enjoy soy products, and switching up proteins adds variety to my food.
Browned up some of the Costco chicken with extra TJ's sauce for Justin.
Boiled my tempeh on high a few minutes to soften it up.
Then cubed and sauteed it in a pan with extra TJ's sauce.
Cooked some barley to go with it (I know, most normal people would use rice. I really like barley).
Added a little siracha sauce to everything for some kick.
And lunch was served! (Chicken for him, tempeh for me).
And extra for work lunches!
Into the fridge they went!


  1. Aw, you are the best fiancee ever!! That's so cute that you pack him lunch. Ben gets leftovers... or he defrosts the teriyaki chicken from Costco, haha.

    1. Haha I try! In Justin's perfect world I'd make him buffalo chicken pizza for lunch every day, but that doesn't quite happen!