Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tam O'Shanter

Paid a visit to the Tam O'Shanter to top off St. Paddy's Day! The Tam is a Lawry's restaurant in Los Feliz, and it's usually full of elderly folk plus Justin & I, but tonight the neighborhood hipsters were out in full force because the Tam threw a St. Paddy's day tent party in its parking lot. We passed on the tent to dine inside, and since the wait for tables was insane, we passed some time in the bar.
I don't think I've had green beer since college, but green beer was everywhere we turned, so I went for it. 
We could have had corned beef and cabbage in the bar area, but there is a certain entree I always get here and it's definitely worth waiting for a table in the dining area.
You also can't turn around in the bar/waiting area without seeing kilts, coats of arms, or Disney portraits on the wall! The Tam was one of Walt Disney's favorite restaurants.
We think Disney had his animators create the above portrait of the restaurant owner because he loved the Tam so much.
When you dine here, you can request to sit at the table where Walt Disney always ate. But Justin and I like a certain table in the back because of its nice big chairs.
I love the Tam's pumpernickel bread. It's got a certain spice to it that I can't quite figure out, but whatever it is, it keeps me coming back for more.
As does the Toad in the Hole. Giant yorkshire pudding bowl filled with mushrooms, onions, filet mignon and burgundy sauce. And spinach.
Justin got the California Cut. His entree was pretty much composed of the same food as mine, but arranged differently. With a smaller dose of yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes added into the equation. After that you'd think we'd be full, but we still got dessert.
We normally order souffle here, but due to the St Paddy's craziness, they were trying to keep the menu simple and thus souffle wasn't on it tonight. We debated between berry trifle (which we've had before and is also delicious) and toffee bread pudding. We decided to try the bread pudding. It was more like cake than bread pudding, and it was sooo sweet. Justin said " this is something Buddy the Elf would love" and his comment was pretty accurate. The sauce it was doused in was like pure sugar... In a good way. And none went to waste.
Before I leave you, I have one last marathon spectator photo to share from this afternoon!
Check out the runner on the far right. I think he was going for the green goblin look? And notice the toddler in the green sweatsuit on the sidelines. She looks freaked. Lucky for her, the green goblin was hauling and ran past before she could get too scared.  Aaanyway... Happy St. Paddy's day; may the luck of the Irish be with you! 

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