Sunday, March 24, 2013

This weekend in meals

The good food didn't end at wedding tastings on Friday. Wedding appointments and quality time with mom and Justin, and good food, continued through the weekend!
Including brunch at Huckleberry. I've been wanting to try this place for a long time now, and finally got around to it!
It's a casual, farm-to-table restaurant with eat-in and to-go options. And an amazing case full of baked goods.
If you look closely, you can spot the pastry from the cover photo on this post. It's like playing Where's Waldo amongst all the other amazing sugary/buttery stuff in here.
Including donut holes, biscuits, bread pudding.
Muffins, shortbread, and... pizza bread?... That bread with the green tomato looked oddly out of place, but I'm sure it's delicious nonetheless.
Here's a close up of mom's bakery display choice. Berry tart with cream. Enough said.
She paired it with this lovely little cappuccino.
My food of choice was a complete 180 from mom's. I was craving savory, and since the fresh salad display was the first thing we passed while waiting in line to order, the salad trio option won me over. I chose the farro salad with feta/olives/herbs , moroccan-spiced garbanzo salad, and chili-parmesan broccoli. There wasn't enough cheese in the farro and broc dishes to deter me. It was like bits of morocco, greece, and italy all on one plate...
With a giant piece of bread on top. Really fresh bread. My favorite part of the plate was the moroccan spiced part. Those garbanzos were seasoned to sweet & spicy perfection, and I loved the veggies they were paired with (I think they were zucc, squash, eggplant, and sweet peppers.. it's possible my tastebuds didn't correctly identify them... because it was all just pure bliss rolled into one).
Oh and I got this quinoa cake, too. It was a little bland and dry. Not quite as good as the quinoa cakes I made with hummus the other night. But still satisfying.
Here's a peak at what hid beneath that crunchy exterior. And here's Justin's savory choice..
Breakfast burrito. He wasn't wild about it. I think he was wishing it would magically turn into a mickey waffle each time he took a bite.
Moving on to other outings with mom... We took her to the Tam O'Shanter. Yes, we were just there for St. Paddy's day. But mom hadn't been, and I just can't get enough Toad in the Hole. I won't bore you with things I've already eaten there (yes, I totally got the Toad in the Hole again). A new discovery I made there this weekend was the beer flights! So I got one. On a paddle. Justin joked that the waiter might smack me with it after I finished my beers because I kept asking to taste beers that were on the menu, yet not available at the bar (apparently the St. Paddy's day madness really wiped out their inventory and they have yet to recover from it). When all was said and done, I think I tried the Iron Fist, Dogfish, Hefe, and Harp. Yep, lots of blondes. I like the blondes.
On the appetizer front, we got the chilled shrimp (which went un-pictured because we devoured them too fast), Tam salad, and onion soup (one of Justin's favorite guilty pleasures). Go to this link if you want to see photos of our entrees. Toad in hole and California cut filet.
The main attraction of the night was the souffle. We couldn't get their signature souffle on St Paddy's day because the kitchen nixed it from the menu in the midst of the holiday craziness. But it was back and better than ever tonight! Pistachio amaretto! The Tam changes its souffle flavors regularly, and I love it when there's a new one to try. This was goooood.
We also had dinner at Toscanova. We had a coupon and mom wanted to shop at the Century City mall, so it was a logical choice. There are so many great italian restaurants in LA that this place has some challenging competition in my mind, but it's always pretty good. Mom and I enjoyed kir imperials to start (champagne with chambord and a twist of lemon). Very refreshing.
We had tuscan soup to start. I almost always order this when it's on a menu. Love me some veggies and beans in a light/no-cream broth. This one had a very flavorful crostini on top which made it all the better! We shared a veggie pizza (we actually ordered the quattro stagioni with mushrooms instead of ham to make it a veggie pizza, and we nixed the cheese as usual).
Again, my favorite part of the dinner was dessert. Peach sorbet in a frozen peach. Beautiful presentation that's a little dark in the photo due to the nice mood lighting in Toscanova. Justin and I actually ate the frozen peach shell after the 3 of us finished the sorbet insides. Eating the bowl isn't the most glamorous thing to do, but there's no way I was letting that delicious little fuzzy peach go to waste!

I'm spoiled after all these meals. At the end of it all, we took mom to the airport and made a Costco run so that I can make us some cheap (but still delicious!) food at home this week.

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