Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tropical Mickey & veggie patties

Mickey waffles went tropical this morning. Instead of the usual cherries/blueberries, I diced mango chunks for the usual waffle mix. I also threw in shredded sweetened coconut to add to the exotic-ness. Instead of complicating things by peeling and chopping a whole mango, I just used frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe's. These chunks also make great snacks.. like little popsicles without the corn syrup. I've found that you need to select your bag carefully, though- you want mangoes that are more orange in color as opposed to yellow (the flavor just ain't there in the yellow ones).
Batter above... and half eaten waffle below (I'm sorry mickey for eating your face every weekend... you're just so delicious). I only wished I had coconut syrup to go with today's batter flavor! Note to self for next time I'm at the store... pick up coconut syrup.
This weekend I also made some of these veggie burgers. I think veggie patties are great for many things- you can crumble them up on salads, scramble them up with breakfast, or go with the usual and put them between buns with lots of toppings.  I like that these burgers use chia seeds, too. I was a little late on the chia seed bandwagon; I only recently got into them. Their nutrition stats are pretty incredible (healthy fats, antioxidants, calcium, fiber, the list goes on...) I'm just sorry that I didn't start using them in recipes sooner!
Here are my ingredients. The only modification I made was using barley instead of wild rice (because I didn't have wild rice in the kitchen when I decided to make the patties, but I had lots of barley)!
I formed the mix into 4 nice little patties...
Put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes...
And now I've got these as an option for healthy snacks and/or quick meals for the work week!


  1. btw, i havent been able to comment (hands are rarely free these days), but ive been LOVING reading your blog.

    im so glad youre enjoying my recipes. i cant wait to try some of the restaurants and recipes youve been sharing as well.


    1. I'm so impressed and honored that you're keeping up with it given that Patrick must be demanding so much of your time and energy these days! Thanks for reading and for inspiring me with so many great recipes! And CONGRATS again- so happy for you!