Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wedding tastings!

So many great food photos to share! Justin is a much better photographer than I am. He also has a camera that's much more advanced than my iphone. And because tasting our wedding food was a special occasion, he was willing to bust out the nice camera. 
We started with the appetizers. Sliders were a must. So much so that we had two different kinds: pulled pork and slaw on hawaiian sweet bread, and bacon burgers. I'm not a bacon fan, but I loved the pulled pork. The BBQ sauce and coleslaw were amazing. And hawaiian sweet rolls make any sandwich better.
We also had asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (one of my favorites). Look at how big those asparagus tips are!  Skewered chicken satay was on the menu (always a safe choice), and truffled grilled cheese (I did not partake in this one, but my mom and Justin enjoyed it).
I loved these shrimp lollipops. With thai pesto.
Close-up on the impressive asparagus here (they said they normally wrap smaller spears, but they only had the jumbos yesterday). Hey, I'm fine with the jumbos- the more asparagus, the better!
For the salad course, we tried a wedge salad first. I think these are a popular crowd-pleasing kinda salad, but I'm not a fan. Blue cheese and bacon just aren't my thing. My mom surprised us and finished that guy.  The beet salad was more up my alley...
 I can't get enough beets. They are just so pretty, too.
 They were topped with fennel and oranges. With candied pistachios.
The vegetable salad was also tasty, but not as colorful as the beets, so it didn't get our vote for the wedding menu.
 I felt like a caesar salad would be a safe bet for a big crowd, and this one was delicious (especially the giant crouton), but the beet salad won out in the end.
Now the main course! First option was peruvian salmon on a bed of avocado. My favorite part of this was the topping on the salmon, with hearts of palm, herbs and spices. It had an awesome kick to it.
This salmon was good as well- it did have truffled mashed potatoes- but I preferred the spicy kick to the peruvian salmon (even though I'm odd and dislike avocados- they were made OK by the awesomely spiced salmon). Now from surf to turf...
We tried a filet with lobster mash and asparagus.  Key word in this dish description- "lobster". Yum.
Followed by this masterpiece with an orzo salad on the side. The tomatoes on this dish were so flavorful, and the orzo was like nothing I've tasted before. I couldn't tell you what all the ingredients were, but together they made a winning combination. For sure. I wish I could eat lunch this way every day.

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