Sunday, April 7, 2013


Yesterday we lunched at Aroma Cafe when my mom got into town! This restaurant is situated in a craftsman home in Tujunga Canyon and it has quaint tables inside the home's library and outside on the patio. It's always packed with a line out the door (or at least it is every time I've been).
There's literally great eye candy while you're waiting in line to order. A variety of chocolates from Alcove (their sister restaurant in Los Feliz).
Mouth-watering pies...
Scones and pastries...
And my favorite.. french macaron cookies!
For lunch, Justin got the hummus melt with turkey and basil on pressed focaccia.
And I got a burger (no this isn't raw meat!) it's veggies and grains! Aroma makes their veggie burgers with beets, so that's why it is pink.
I think this might be my favorite veggie burger in LA. In addition to the beets, it's made up of oats, barley, brown rice, black beans, carrots, mushrooms and celery, plus herbs & spices.
They serve it with grilled onions (love) and whole grain mustard, plus a side salad with the best balsamic dressing ever. Their balsamic is super thick and mustardy.
My mom went for the parfait which was huge! It had fresh homemade granola atop a ton of fruit and yogurt. The food at aroma is definitely worth the long wait in line!

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