Monday, April 22, 2013

Artful food

Over the weekend, we visited a new exhibit at MOCA.  My favorite part of the exhibit was the bread house. I love bread. I wouldn't be able to live in a bread house because I'd eat my roof off.
The rain outside the house was pretty cool, too... even though it was not made of food.
I like that both my most intense food dislike and Justin's most intense food dislike were both in the museum. First came Justin's... soy sauce (which I love)... and then came mine.. cheese...
We both agreed that this chair was pretty cool, too. It's made of wax, and there are burning wicks on top. So the chair is literally melting away. And it kinda looks like it has a beard.. right?
We went to Toscanova after the art exhibit, where we joked that I had a carby pizza, and Justin had a protein pizza. Doesn't his chicken paillard (below with the spinach on top) look like a pizza?!
And here's my carb pizza. Toscanova is very generous with the capers, which I love!

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