Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bread Bar

Before my mom left town, we went to Bread Bar for brunch. My mom and Kevin had breakfast and Justin and I got lunch.
As a rule of thumb, my mom never goes to Bread Bar without getting pastries, whether we're having breakfast or lunch. I usually avoid pastries because I know they're full of butter. However, I'll admit that the pastries here are just plain delicious, regardless of the fact that they're probably very unhealthy. I had the raisin bun, which was the lightest and flakiest of the bunch. Justin loved the cinnamon coffee cake. And mom was all over the almond croissant, which was the probably the most dense croissant I've ever seen. I think they pack the croissant with almond paste to give it extra flavor and moisture.
Kevin's breakfast was eggs benedict with potatoes.
It looked like it would be a breakfast to die for if you're a benedict fan!
Mom's latte was like a little work of art.
I went with a simple green tea, which also had a nice presentation despite not having fancy foam!
And here's the veggie burger that Justin and I got. It had portobello mushrooms, peppers and artichoke with lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun. The bun was very rich and the insides were nicely seasoned. Not a mind-blowing sandwich, but it was good!

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