Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breakfast panini

This panini maker does no wrong. If you read this post, you know how much I love this thing.  Lately, I'm into making panini for breakfast. Mostly because I am obsessed with this spread and want it in my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
It's from Cost Plus World Market and it makes any sandwich delicious.
This morning I took a ciabatta roll, hollowed out the inside, and coated it with the World Market spread plus fire roasted marinated peppers from Trader Joe's. Lately I've been using 'half-baked' rolls that then become almost fully-baked in the panini maker (I like my bread a little doughy). Now I just wish someone would start selling pre-hollowed rolls so that I could get my ideal bread-to-filling panini ratio without massacre-ing the bread.
I topped the bread & spread with scrambled egg beaters and fresh spinach, then gave it time in the panini maker.
Until it had some serious grill marks.
Cut it in half. Tupperwared it.
And ate it on the road. Thin, crispy crust with lots of egg and veggies in the middle. I might have gotten some egg on my dress. But oh well. It was very well worth it.
PS- Happy Earth Day!
We celebrated with some furry friends at work..
As well as some not-so-furry friends. This porcupine loves apples.  Some feathery friends...
And a joey.
Cheers to the earth.

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