Monday, April 29, 2013

Give cheese a chance

It's very uncharacteristic of me to post about cheese, but I happened to visit a new cheese shop in Pasadena yesterday and had to share.
Even though I'm not a big fan of the flavor or smell of cheese, I felt like I had to sample the offerings here because I knew they were probably the best of the best.
I eased into it with some salty goods first.. olives, pickles...
And cured meats... (I love prosciutto. The 100% lean cured beef at the Cheese Store of Pasadena was especially delicious with their selection of spicy mustards).
As far as the cheese goes, I first tried the goat cheese (the round one on the left). It was especially smooth and creamy, and it tasted like frosting when I paired it with pure honey on a baguette (nothing like something sweet to make cheese tolerable!) I also tried the truffle cheese (to the right of the triangular pieces with the bright orange hue). The truffled cheese was infused with truffles (duh) and balsamic vinegar. I have to admit the truffle and balsamic flavors were pretty amazing. The bright yellow cheese (which in my opinion looked like mango slices) was a parmesan cheese infused with saffron spice. It was the first time I'd heard of cheese being infused with saffron, but sounded like a good idea to me! The other cheeses that I didn't sample included "mild" blue cheese, brie, cheddar, and triple cream (others said the triple cream was pretty much like pure butter).
The Cheese Store of Pasadena has a long list of sandwiches and grilled cheese plates as well. They pair them with cured meats, spicy spreads and sweet stuff that all sounds amazing (fig jam and honey nuts in a sandwich? Yes, please)!
And did I mention they had some mouth-watering imported products for sale as well? Pepper and olive-infused pasta? Honey gingerbread mustard spread? Those are just a couple unique products among many here.. oh and they have a wine press for sale in the front of the store.. in case you're in the market for one of those :)

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