Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Bayou

Over the weekend, we dined with pirates.
Disneyland pirates. At the Blue Bayou.
Where it looks like the above inside the restaurant.
Even when it's like this outside the restaurant.
As a result, my food photos are a little pitiful. But it was very good... exceptionally good as far as theme park food goes.
It started with fresh sourdough rolls and sweet potato biscuits.
Followed by a really hearty gumbo.. full of chicken, seafood and sausage with cajun dirty rice on top.
Followed by balsamic-marinated portobellos over israeli couscous with peppers, all topped with garlic spinach (for me).
And blackened salmon with citrus herb sauce over creamy corn risotto for Justin.
Something about eating amongst wisteria, lanterns, and chirping grasshoppers, crickets and frogs is all very relaxing (even if it's all fake)!
And that is all. Have a zipadeedoodah day!

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