Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday we enjoyed some Lemonade while downtown at MOCA!
Their salad selections are all so good- it's hard to pick just a few.
Justin got a double-serving of the current special- spicy coconut chicken with peppers and cilantro- plus glazed carrots and broccoli in vinaigrette. The chicken is so spicy and so good. I'm determined to try and make something similar to it in my own kitchen.
And I also got the spicy chicken with brussel sprouts, beets, and butternut squash soup. I detected some brown sugar action in the soup which was delightfully sweet and paired very well with the sweet beets. The beets got a little bit of tang from a vinaigrette and some nuttiness from hazelnuts that were included in the mix. The brussels came with shaved parmesan (just enough to please my palate without sending me into cheese-overload), and it was all topped with an awesome balsamic sauce.
Lemonade also has the biggest french macaron cookies I've ever seen. Jen heaven!
We got a discount on everything since Justin is a MOCA member. I have a feeling his membership fee will pay for itself in Lemonade discounts over time :-)


  1. Fun!! They have one of these at the airport now, too! I like to get their salads to take on the plane :) And I love their flavored lemonades!

    1. Very good to know! Which terminal is it in?!