Wednesday, June 19, 2013


ROFL recently opened on Melrose and we've been curious to try it.
They've got a very welcoming space with 'happiness, joy, love, laughter' written all over it. Literally :)
It's even on the water vessels they bring to your table!
We started with the grilled flatbread and dip trio. The flatbread  was nice and crispy and seasoned with herbs and spices. The dips included hummus, yogurt feta dip, and artichoke tapenade. I would buy each of these dips by the jarful in a heartbeat. I loved that the yogurt dip was seasoned with oregano- a nice change from typical yogurt cucumber sauce. The artichoke tapenade won me over immediately simply because it had capers. And the hummus had a perfect refreshing tangy taste.
Next came our entrees. I love that you can get a good glass of wine for only $2.50 with an entree order! I got the beef filet, which was topped with grilled onions and paired with grilled beets, hazelnuts and goat cheese, and brussel sprouts. Everything was well seasoned and grilled to perfection without being doused in butter. I feel like it's rare to get beets grilled and I now which that every restaurant grilled them this way!
Justin's plate was similar, but he opted for kale and mushrooms instead of beets. I saw some garlic chunks in his mix which he was very happy about. Good thing I love garlic as much as he does.
We saved just enough room for dessert. I need to find out where I can buy large quantities of the spicy chocolate ice cream that they serve. It had such an amazing kick to it. We also got a scoop of fleur de sel cappuccino ice cream to mellow out the spicy (though my tastebuds would have been cool with the chocolate spice on its own, too)!
And did I mention the spicy ice cream paired perfectly with Intelligentsia coffee? Well it did.
I see more ROFL'ing in my future. Good stuff.

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  1. That looks amazing!!! Yum... I want to try all the dips!!