Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Street food

Last night I ate "fancy" street food at Street. I love this restaurant because the food is so unique and the plates are so small that you can try a lot of the dishes without feeling like you're beyond stuffed.
We started with un-photographed passed appetizers, including a fresh take on bruschetta- crispy bread with hummus and marinated eggplant and tomato. We also had their famous chicken meatballs breaded with waffle batter and bacon bits and dipped in sweet syrup.
Then we had their famous Kaya toast. It's supposedly a perfect hangover cure. Toast with coconut jam and a side of poached egg in a soy sauce glaze with just a bit of vinegar-y greens. The coconut jam is what makes this dish (at least in my humble opinion). So good.
Next up potstickers with shrimp, pork and chicken, set atop a deliciously spicy sauce. Don't order this unless you can handle spice. I loved it, but I'm a glutton for pushing my tastebuds to their limits with red pepper and the like.
Next up: Jackfruit Bao. This dish was vegetarian, though it tasted like the bao had pork inside! Apparently jackfruit tastes just like pork when it's served at the perfect level of ripeness. The peanut hoison sauce on this plate was AMAZING. I would have licked my plate had it been appropriate.
Here's a glimpse at the jackfruit (above).
Then we were greeted with artichokes. Probably the most flavorful artichoke I've ever had. I didn't even need the tartar sauce.
Followed by salmon that was seared to perfection with crispy edges. And though the fish was very tasty, I have to say it was overshadowed by the soba noodles which were covered in the most delicious miso mustard sauce. After the salmon, we got lamb meatballs and a delectable dessert, but we got these as the patio got much darker, therefore my photos are not worth posting. But you can look at the description on the menu at the top of this post, and you can imagine how good the meatballs and cake were. The cake was made with semolina flour so it was very dense in such a good way. I'd say I want to try baking it at home, but I don't think I could begin to do it justice..  I think I'll just go back to Street another time for more :)

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