Friday, July 26, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Disney World is not all burgers and fries my friends. It's also home to upscale restaurants with unique food. Case in point: Jiko.
Justin and I ate here for the last dinner of our honeymoon (well if you don't count the plane food). It started with the amazing bread basket above. It came with ethiopian honey wheat bread and flaxseed focaccia. And tandoori spiced butter seasoned with garlic, cilantro, ginger and curry.
Next wine! Jiko only serves wines from Africa. No, that doesn't mean its a sparse collection. They have a TON of African wines to choose from. I got the Jam Jar. And I was very pleased with my decision. Then I was bummed because I didn't think I could get it anywhere else. Then I found out they sell this amazingness at World Market. Let's just say I've bought many bottles since returning from the honeymoon. 
This wine is sweet and spicy and wonderful with entrees and desserts alike.

Next up: appetizer. We got wild boar tenderloin with (warning: crazy ingredient names) mealie pap and chakalaka, and white truffle oil with cilantro. The boar was lean and cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The mealie pap and chakalaka (I still laugh at that name) were like grits with flavorful (and spicy!) tomato stew. And who doesn't love truffle oil?!
Next our waiter brought us a surprise dessert. Oysters with lime butter. I'll take it!
Then the salad course. Bitter greens with spicy raspberry vinaigrette, truffled goat cheese and melon.
And entrees! I got seared scallops with wild rice and quinoa salad, yellow curry, and roasted beetroot veggies. Everything was spiced so well- healthy and hearty!
Justin got the oak-grilled filet mignon with red wine sauce and grilled vegetables.
And we couldn't end our last dinner without dessert! We got green tea ice cream with mochi compote, vanilla rooibos-tanzanian chocolate cake, and free form "Kit Kat".
That dessert was so good that I really should end this post there, but Justin took photos of breakfast and lunch the next day so I can't not post those, too :)
Mickey waffle and eggs for Justin. Sweet quinoa cereal and eggs for me. (Yes I was amazed that the serve quinoa breakfast cereal at Animal Kingdom)!
And our lunch inside the Animal Kingdom park was stir fried noodles with bell pepps, onions, snap peas, carrots, sprouts and beef. Lots of beef.
Greasier than I would make it at home, but it hit the spot. I was muy hungry.
That concludes honeymoon posts! I guess I need to start trying new recipes at home now :)


  1. MICKEY WAFFLES FOREVER!!! Did you stay at the Animal Kingdom hotel?

    We went to the other Animal Kingdom restaurant and were face to face (well, through glass) with some sort of bird that desperately wanted our food the entire time. It was pretty amusing. And that lo mein from Animal Kingdom was actually one of my favorite things!! When we went back a second time, we had it again. A little greasy, but soooo tasty, and a nice big portion.

  2. What kind of a bird was it? Was it an ostrich?