Saturday, July 20, 2013

Burgee Bar

After Miami, we moved on to Key Largo where we enjoyed golf, swimming, fishing, and lots of good food on Ocean Reef.
Our first stop was the Burgee Bar, where they have unlimited popcorn to start.
And everything from the S&P to the tabasco is branded Ocean Reef.
And all the decor is very nautical.
We started with jumbo shrimp, which was very jumbo and very fresh.
Followed by veggie pizza, no cheese. I loved that they were generous with the veggies and used variety.
We also got penne marinara with grilled shrimp (the appetizer shrimp were so good that we couldn't resist getting them in grilled form, too). They had perfect grill marks and a good smoky flavor from the flames. And the marinara sauce was nice and spicy which made my mouth happy :)
To balance the spiciness, we got sorbet for dessert. Apparently a scoop of raspberry and a scoop of coconut means two full bowls of sorbet here. I'll take it!
And we got some blueberry pie (and vanilla ice cream!) to go along with the extra sorbet. 
Stay tuned for more eats on the reef.

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