Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eat, Run, Love... in the air

I just returned from my honeymoon and have a lot of food photos to share! So I'm taking a brief break from new recipes (all I want to do right now is cook my faves that have already been posted because I've missed them while away!) That said, I ate very well while in the air, at sea, and in Florida. So great ready for some drool-worthy photos.
It all started with the best airplane food I've ever tasted. Thank you, Virgin Airlines! Breakfast was a panini with egg, cheese (I wasn't going to be difficult and ask for no cheese), veggies and herbs. The bread on this thing was great- hot, garlicky goodness complete with grill marks. It tasted almost like the herbed pizza dough I love to buy at Trader Joe's. And it came with a side salad of tomatoes, peppers and onions in a peppery vinaigrette.
It also had a delicious fruit salad on the side that was seasoned with lime, mint and basil. And the cranberry scone for "dessert" was surprisingly light and delicious. I paired it all with coffee and champagne :)
Then we got the above tasty surprise before landing. Skewers with herbed cheese, roasted olives, yellow and red peppers. With a side of deliciously spicy roasted nuts (pecans, hazelnuts and almonds).
Fast forward to the trip home (don't worry, you're getting the in-between meals in future posts!) And Virgin served us dinner.
Appetizers came first. Garbanzos with seasoned peppers and edamame with pico de gallo (really- it had cilantro, lime, onion and tomatoes and all the elements complemented each other quite well).
Followed by black pepper fettuccine in a tomato-based sauce with wilted arugula and basil pesto, topped with drilled zucchini.
I couldn't help but take a photo of the salt grinder that came with it.
Or the dessert that topped it off. These cookies were light and airy and oh-so-soft. Yum!! The first cookies had a hint of dark chocolate and raspberry.
And the second cookies were pure chocolate. Where can I buy these?!

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