Monday, July 8, 2013

Enchanted Garden dinners

*Food in this post may appear redder than in real life* The Enchanted Garden restaurant has very unique lighting that enables it to go from day to night over the course(s) of your dinner. Flowers open up then close, stars emerge and twinkle, etc. It's very fun.
But not crazy enough as to distract from the amazing food which is the main attraction at this place.
Night 1 here started with an amazing roasted red pepper dip and freshly baked french bread. Followed by spinach salad.
Yes, the raspberries looked redder than any raspberries I'd seen before.
Followed by scallops (notice red lighting in the scallop shot- the garden was changing to night!)
Then lobster ravioli (stay tuned for a later post where I learn how to make these raviolis).
And sea bass (I also got the recipe for this dish...stay tuned). The sea bass was grilled to perfection then paired with risotto and a sweet chili glaze. This was my favorite entree of the entire crusie. And I'm so glad I know how to make it at home now!
And let's not forget the desserts. The waiter surprised us with a third dessert in addition to the two we ordered. Again, he knew we have an endless appetite for sweets (or at least I do, and Justin rolls with it). Here we had a caramel sundae, trio of strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue tart, and caramel fudge brownie, plus dark cocoa truffles and sugary apricot bites.
Now on to Night #2 here!
Justin started with grilled shrimp.
While I got cucumber wrapped veggies.
Followed by grilled yellowfin tuna, soba noodles, shiitake mushrooms and bok choy in a soy glaze.
And Justin went for more shrimp with spiced beans and saffron rice (I had a hard time deciding between this and the tuna- it was a tough choice and both were delicious)! And it was followed by fresh sorbets that went unphotographed because we ate them too quickly.
Enchanted garden is my favorite Disney Cruise Line restaurant as far as ambiance goes. Like the gardens of Versailles floating over the ocean. OK, I admit you can't really compare the two... but I had to acknowledge  the thought crossed my mind. Stay tuned for photos from breakfasts in the gardens, too!

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  1. Eee! I love these posts. Do you think the food is better than on other cruise lines? It looks delicious. I can't wait to see breakfast photos :) This is getting me so excited for our Disney cruise... too bad it's not for a year and a half!