Monday, July 15, 2013

Island eats & Last supper at sea

Not only were meals on the Disney ship fantastic, but meals off the ship were great too. We disembarked to enjoy the beach and swim in the Bahamas, and we also got some BBQ!
Grilled corn, veggie burgers, coleslaw and greek salad.
And I couldn't help but take a photo of the buffet decor. While we were plating.
Note that veggie burgers were aplenty all day long aboard the ship. Above is the veggie burger we ate as an afternoon snack several days. The veggie patty was a tasty blend of grains, black beans, corn and peppers. And Tuesday was soft pretzel day so we were sure to take advantage of that (if you look behind the veggie burger, you'll see Justin's pretzel).
We also took a moment to appreciate the carved watermelons at the late night snack bar.
I appreciated the watermelons so much that I failed to photograph the awesome late night crepe I got here. After many amazing days lazing at the spa, pool, and beaches of the Caribbean, it was time for our last dinner of the cruise. And here it is...
Salad with napa cabbage, seaweed, edamame, julienne veggies, and sesame seeds.
Stuffed tomato.
Seared ahi (my fave)!
Baked halibut in a minestrone broth.
And last but DEFINITELY not least... baked alaska. I was so excited to see this on the dessert menu and I was shocked that Justin hadn't heard of it before. The ice cream, yellow cake, and meringue make the perfect combo. And it never hurts to add some raspberry sorbet to it, as well :)
Next posts will feature Miami, Key Largo, and Orlando restaurants!


  1. Not pictured: TURKEY LEGS at sea.

    1. Haha the turkey legs are not the prettiest sight to see! Though your photography does capture them well :)

    2. TURKEY LEGS?? Are you serious?? Did they taste like the ones at the park?? Wow. And that Baked Alaska, holy crap. Ben will be all over that. I hear they have Mickey premium bars, too! Was the grilled stuff at Castaway Cay? Was it fun there?

    3. I'd imagine they're like the park ones but they did seem smaller. Not that Disney Cruise line encourages anyone to exercise portion control or anything :) And yes Castaway Cay's BBQ is awesome. Go on the pelican slide and get a cabana massage to fully enjoy the island :)