Thursday, July 18, 2013

News Cafe Miami

While in Miami, Justin & I decided to venture outside our hotel for morning meals instead of buying over-priced breakfast at the Fontainebleau. One of our delightful finds was News Cafe. It's one of few 24-hour restaurants on Ocean Dr, and it's famous for carrying international newspapers. Supposedly Gianni Versace made it famous because he would come here for breakfast and an Italian paper.
The menu here was huuuge. It ranged from omelets and burgers to hummus platters, pasta, fish and much more. And the dishes were huge, too. It's hard to see all the omelet beneath the toast, but it was massive. Justin and I got egg white veggie omelets with toast, fruit, and a side of pancakes for good measure. Oh and don't forget the several cups of coffee we each polished off.
Fun fact: we were here the day of the Miami Heat's parade of champions post NBA Finals. The locals were very happy.
And here we are at our people-watching perch where we lazed/ate the morning away in front of the beach. I'm sure the people-watching here is especially entertaining if you come in the middle of the night/early morning hours for the after-the-party scene.
Conclusion: come to News Cafe in the middle of the night to witness crazy clubbing aftermath at its finest. Come to News Cafe in the morning for a great view of the beach and hearty food (plus international newspapers and fun South Beach souveniers if you're into that sort of thing).

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