Monday, July 22, 2013

Reef fishing

This lovely meal all started with Justin & I catching some fish.
These fish were like gold. For some reason we had the hardest time finding a spot at sea where edible fish were biting. We starting on the reef off Key Largo and progressed to deep ocean waters when we couldn't find many reef fish. The deep sea definitely tested our stomach tolerance for choppy water. So when we caught two silver snapper in the deep, we felt like we'd hit the jackpot.
After we returned to the stability of land, our guide de-boned the fish so we could take our filets to a restaurant that would prepare them for our dinner. We almost lost our filets to a cat, but kitty settled for bone scraps in the end. Now fast forward to dinner....
We ate on the patio at The Islander restaurant.
Where they had our fresh-caught silver snapper waiting for us! And where we got some very tasty starters to get our tastebuds ready for our fish.
The bread basket here was awesome. It had raisin and nut bread, parmesan crisps, and melt-in-your-mouth herbed biscuit-like rolls. That were followed by a citrus salad with beets, fennel, and vinaigrette.
Then the fish we caught! The restaurant cooked it up "matecumbe" style, which meant lemon, capers, and tomato salsa. The silver snapper was very light and flaky- super lean fish.
Justin got his fish "Reef-style" since he has a strange hatred for capers. Reef-sytle meant macadamia crusted with a rum raisin sauce. It's hard to get Justin to eat raisins, but it seemed like this sauce won him over despite the raisins.
We finished the night with coffee and sweets. Prettiest iced cappuccino ever:
Alongside our last key lime pie from the keys. The crust on this tartlet was perfect, as was the berry jam on the side.

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