Friday, July 5, 2013

Rocco's Tacos

Moving right along from the Yacht Club to West Palm Beach now... we stopped in WPB not really knowing what to expect and fell in love with this town! Justin at one point said it reminded him of San Diego and then went on to say it's just like Pasadena. So I guess it's like some sort of hybrid between the two... with great sidewalk cafes, trolleys, and a bay full of pretty yachts.

Walking along Clematis Street, we saw tons of restaurants that caught our eye. And one in particular was the one on the right with the tacos sign.
It was Saturday morning and this place was packed.
So we decided to lunch at Rocco's Tacos.
Even the bar was packed. Believe it or not, every bottle you see on display in this bar was a unique type of tequila. Literally hundreds of tequila varieties. I'd never seen so many in one place before.
The shot below is for Justin, since he always appreciates a unique ceiling.
While the tequilas were tempting, I went for beer. And we ordered chips and salsa. The salsa here is so fresh and so good. It was full of lime and jalapeno flavor.
For our entrees, we both got chicken a la plancha. I assumed we'd each get one chicken breast, but they were very generous with portions here. We each got two full chicken breasts. They came with spicy rice, pickled onions, grilled plantains, sauteed veggies, and a wonderful chimichurri sauce to top it all off.
I really wanted the recipes for Rocco's salsa, chimichurri and rice (it was seasoned so well!) but they're all secrets. Guess we'll just have to keep coming back to West Palm Beach.
A satisfied Justin above.
Muchas gracias to Rocco's Tacos for a delicious lunch!

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