Sunday, July 7, 2013

Royal Palace dinners

Our first night at sea, we ate at the Royal Palace (one of 3 main restaurants aboard the Disney Fantasy). You figure the food better be good here to live up to the name of the place, right? 
Well the food did not disappoint.
Started with chilled shrimp paired with creme fraiche, asparagus and hearts of palm.
Followed by meat! Justin got wild boar paired with garlic mashed potatoes and a delicious sauce. You'll have to forgive me because I can't remember what was in the sauce, but it was a winner.
I got filet mignon with polenta cake, balsamic reduction, and more shrimp!
And we got a special chocolate dessert along with the desserts we ordered. Apparently the chef knew that we can demolish three desserts no problem.
Above you see Justin's strawberry shortcake sundae. And I had a souffle that's hidden behind the sundae. Sadly we don't have a close-up souffle photo, but it was quite possibly my favorite dessert of the trip. It was white chocolate souffle cake with orange spiced white chocolate creme anglaise.
Since night one at the Royal Palace was so good, I was very excited to return to this restaurant a few nights later. This time there was a Caribbean food theme. We both started with "pearls of the caribbean", which was israeli couscous with red peppers, cucumber, smoked wild salmon, and shrimp. It was all packed together with herbed vinaigrette and lemon.
The main course of my Caribbean meal was spiced half chicken with dirty rice, grilled lemon and okra. The rice was so spicy and so good, as was the chicken. I all but licked the plate clean. Wish I had the recipe for the Caribbean jerk rub.
Justin got macadamia crusted white fish with white rice and a buerre blanc sauce, and he was very pleased with his choice.
The dessert wasn't really Caribbean themed which was fine. This trio was so amazing. Carmel fudge cake, berry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream, and meringue topped with fresh fruit.
I'll sign off with a ceiling photo. Justin was a big fan of the Royal Palace ceiling.

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