Friday, July 19, 2013

Sightseeing snacks

While in Miami, we went to the zoo and an historical site called Vizcaya. I'll start off with animal snacks and get to the people snacks. We fed leaves to giraffes.  
And watched otters eat fish like nobody was watching. Seriously, the otter went into full no-hands mode with its fish shortly after this photo was taken. It was almost like he swallowed the thing whole. No shame.
Justin fed the momma giraffe. I fed baby giraffe who was having some trouble getting leaf snacks due to its height (yes, it was still an incredibly tall animal, but not as tall as momma who had an easier time getting attention from people with leaves on the observer platform).
After we'd made the giraffe family happy, we got our own food. Nothing fancy, but decent for zoo snacks.
I got turkey in a wrap. Justin got turkey between bread.
Aside from the zoo, we also visited this incredible estate on Biscayne Bay. Vizcaya was built as a winter residence for wealthy industrialist James Deering in the early 1900's. And.. random aside.. was recently used as a filming location for Iron Man 3.
The mansion was full of european renaissance decor. And it had just opened a new cafe next to the house pool.
We enjoyed a nice view of the ornate pool while devouring surprisingly good veggie burgers.
Spicy black bean patties packed with veggies and grains and topped with grilled pineapple and carmelized onions. Plus garden salad with balsamic.
Vizcaya also offers unique wine tastings. 

They have an array of sweet wines ranging from sparkling blueberry wine to pina colada, key lime, pineapple, mango, and much more. The key lime has won best in show at Florida wine competitions.
I am a sucker for sweet wine so these were right up my alley. All the wines are made 100% from the fresh fruit indicated on the label.
I tried the coco polada and sparkling blueberry and would have taken many bottles home if it weren't for the fact that my suitcase was packed to the gills. I'm ready to mail order some of these now that I've found this link!

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