Sunday, July 21, 2013

Treats on the Reef

Now let's talk about breakfasts on the reef. Remember I mentioned that Ocean Reef brands its tobasco? Case in point above. They also imprint the logo on their butter, which I didn't eat, but admired. 
They had complimentary coffee in the morning, so we poured ourselves some generous cups of joe and brought it over to the breakfast nook.
Where we ordered some savory goodness. Above is Justin's veggie omelet with a hashbrown mound and broiled tomato. And below is my egg white frittata with tomato and toast. Ocean Reef also served the most delicious jam with the toast. Darbo jam. We're now ordering it online and stocking the fridge at home with it. So yummy.
I wish I could start every morning like this...
And start every afternoon like this...
Poolside eats at Ocean Reef's Buccaneer Island were very impressive. You could load up your sandwich with all kinds of fresh fish. I chose blackened mahi.
Justin chose chicken. Who chooses chicken when there's an abundance of fresh caught fish on the menu and it can be prepared so many ways?! I don't get it. Anyway, he also got the waffle fries.
And I got a side of fruit. I think this was the largest side of fruit I've ever gotten with a sandwich. And it had everything from berries to melon, pineapple, and even dates. Most normal people probably would not like the dates in their fruit salad, but I was lovin it.
Above is the cross-section view of my fish sandwich. Heaven.
After lunch we also checked out Reef Treats; the bakery where they prepare the desserts for all restaurants on the reef.
Sadly we didn't have enough time in Key Largo to try every dessert they offer, but we did get around to the blackberry pie (from my last post), key lime pie (coming), and the sorbets. I'd like to come back for their famous rum cake, tres leches and smore brownies.
And these sticky morning buns. Although they're probably the kind of breakfast that tastes great upon first bite, but feels like a brick in your stomach afterwards. Though by the looks of these buns, it just might be worth it.

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