Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Our first hotel stay of the honeymoon was at the Yacht Club resort in Disney World. One of the many reasons I chose this hotel was because it's home to one of my favorite Disney World restaurants- the Yachtsman Steakhouse. Not to mention the hotel also has a nice setting on Lake Buena Vista and is a very short walk or boat ride away from Epcot.
We were greeted with wedding congrats at the Yachtsman.
And immediately proceeded to devour the amazing pull apart rolls they gave us with roasted garlic. Good thing both Justin and I love garlic because we actually went through all the cloves they initially gave us before asking for a second helping. The garlic was so soft and spreadable, we just couldn't help ourselves.
For our mains we both got the bouillabaisse (I know- we felt kinda silly for not getting steak at a steakhouse, but this dish just sounded so good and I'd already tried their steak once before!) The bouillabaisse had lobster, mussels, clams and white fish all over a saffron fennel broth and roasted new potatoes. And it included some crispy garlic toast which worked great for soaking up every last bit of the saffron broth. The dish comes with a creamy egg yolk-based sauce that's typical for bouillabaisse, but I specifically ordered mine without the yolk sauce. This way the broth really stood out and I could fully enjoy the taste of the fragrant saffron.
To cleanse our palates from our garlic binge, we ordered sorbet for dessert.
But Disney wasn't about to let us eat only sorbet. They also brought a little celebratory tasting platter. Which started with the most amazing chocolate macaron.
Also included light and fluffy chocolate marshmallow.
Made-from-scratch grape jelly bites.
Chocolate hazelnut truffles (SO rich)!
And peanut brittle.
And because someone at the Yacht Club must know how much I LOVE dessert, there were chocolate covered strawberries in our room after dinner so that we could continue the dessert course.
Good way to begin honeymooning :)

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