Thursday, October 3, 2013

Farm Stand

Last weekend I tried a new restaurant in El Segundo: Farm Stand. I like that this restaurant takes a firm stance against GMO's and they go to great lengths to make sure there are zero GMO's in their dishes.
We loved that the restaurant gets great natural light in late afternoon. (It's empty because we did not go at peak dinner time. We ate like 80 year olds at 5PM on Sunday).
The best part about eating at 5PM was the happy hour specials. I got wine and Justin got cherry lemonade. On the colorful plate, you see ancho chile olive oil next to jalapeno olive oil.
We also got a giant basket of warm bread and pita. Plus happy hour hummus (and more pita)!
For my entree, I ordered the tomato eggplant stew, but I received a different stew. Which was very tasty, so it's OK. What I got was the walnut pomegranate stew (the walnuts and pomegranates were ground very fine to make an amazingly tangy sauce). Hidden by the tangy sauce are giant bell peppers, green beans, brussel sprouts (my fave!), and asparagus. It came with basmati rice and greek-style pico de gallo (olives, diced cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs in a lemon vinaigrette).
Justin got lemon chicken spiced up with turmeric. He also got basmati rice, greek pico, and some grilled vegetables on the side. I might have gone after his brussel sprouts :)
Hopefully one day soon food conglomerates will have to disclose use of GMO's in their products. Until then, go straight to Farm Stand if you want to avoid them.


  1. Yum!! You guys always go to the best restaurants. Let's go out to dinner sometime soon!

    1. Yes let's do it! I want to hear about Alaska!